Chicco First Dreams My First Nest 3-in-1 Mat is an evolutive 3-in-1 play mat allowing baby to relax during the different phases of baby’s growth while adapting to baby’s height. Thus, it offers several activities (mirror, supple plastic fish for dentition, 2 plastic rings):
– play with the sounds and notes, developing sensibility to rythm and to music (relaxing music for relaxation and lively music for the game),
– develop visual capacities by following moving objects and distinguishing forms and colors, attracted by bright lights and colours (relaxing or catchy light effect depending on the rythm of Mozart, Bach or Glinka Music).
This mat fits to baby relax phases:
– from 2 months, it becomes a cozy nest when cuddling while lying down,
– from 4 months, it is ideal to reinforce its muscles when baby is lying on the stomach,
– from 6 months, it is a supple support in sitting position.
Works with 3 batteries AAA of 1,5 Volt (not included).
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