Munchkin Latch Pacifier 0+ – 2 Pack


Designed with pediatric dentists and moms, the Latch pacifier will quickly become your go-to soothing device for your newborn.
Pacifiers are a go-to soothing device for parents of newborns. The Munchkin Latch pacifier was designed with pediatric dentists and moms, with a goal of developing a lightweight, more comfortable pacifier for baby. First, it’s a one-piece silicone pacifier that is more lightweight than the leading one-piece silicone pacifier. This allows baby to easily keep the pacifier in their mouth. Second, it has a natural shaped nipple to help soothe baby. Finally, it has a heart shaped shield to comfortably fit under baby’s nose. This innovative pacifier will surely be a staple in your baby-soothing routine.
  • Designed by pediatric dentists and moms
  • Lightweight design helps to keep the pacifier in baby’s mouth
  • Heart shaped shield fits baby’s face and stays clear of their nose
  • One-piece silicone pacifier helps keep germs out
  • Natural shaped pacifier
  • BPA-free
  • 0+ months
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