Farlin Wide Round Hole Pacifier, 2 Pcs, Slow Flow


-Product Features-
1. The silicone pacifier closest to the actual feeling of breast milk, giving the baby the best sense of safety and comfort.
2. The unique soft and elastic thread design prevents the pacifier from collapsing when the baby sucks.
3. Prevents tearing and increases the durability of the pacifier
4. Matte surface treatment, the baby will not stick to the lips when sucking.
5. Smart vents help to adjust the air, balance the pressure in the bottle, and effectively slow down the baby’s flatulence
. 6. Four types of pacifier flow to meet the needs of the baby’s growth
*Cross hole: sucking produces pressure, the milk will flow out of the cross crack, the baby controls the flow through the suction
*Round hole: the milk drips out automatically, the baby is less laborious when sucking
*S size is suitable for babies over 0 months
*M size is suitable for babies over 3 months
*L size is suitable for babies over 6 months
*Cross hole is suitable for babies over 3 months that can control sucking
-Material-Food-grade silicone rubber
-Heat-resistant temperature-180 -Cleaning
method-First use and after each use, please wash with mild baby bottle lotion, rinse thoroughly, disinfect and dry, and store in a dry and clean place.
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