Suavinex teat round wide neck / slow flow 2 pcs silicone + 0m


The round slow flow silicone pacifier is designed for babies from birth.
Recommended age: + 0 months. Package: 2pcs 0% BPA Material: silicone. Sucker ideal for the first days of a newborn’s life.
Choose a teat for your baby! From the wide menu, you will definitely find the one that will make him enjoy it. For those who choose to feed or exclusively for artificial nutrition, the choice of a teat for a baby bottle is very important.
Suavinex teats adapt to the needs of the baby at all stages of its growth. Offer from the options to choose the size of the teat according to the age of the child (only indicative markings, each child has a different suction reflex) and the shape of the anatomical or round teat.
For Suavinex products, you also have the option of choosing a teat material – latex / silicone. According to pediatric dentists, the quality and design of the teats is perfect for the proper development of the palate. The teats are made of materials that mimic both their consistency and the movement of the mother’s breast during sucking during breastfeeding.
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