Baby Sheet


Farlin Plastic Baby Mat is ideal for preventing the mattress and the bed sheet stained due to oil or baby pee or poo. You can lay the mat on the bed and give your baby a good and soothing massage to him/ her without worrying about staining the bed sheet. The comfortable, as well as the soft baby mat, is an excellent product that does not cause any harm to your baby’s delicate skin. It is easy to clean as well as long-lasting. Portable – Easy to carry.
Convenient and Child Friendly
Keeping baby’s bed clean, dry and fresh all throughout the day is of uttermost importance. The Farlin Cotsheet Baby Mat Pink is easily washable and is water proof. This Farlin Cotsheet for kids helps maintain the hygiene that is essential for keeping your little one healthy and active. This quality material does not cause any kind of skin irritation and is ideal for the sensitive skin of babies. The mat can be folded into a small square rendering it very portable; it will fit easily into your diapering bag for use anytime anywhere.
  • Brand: Farlin
  • Ideal for: Protecting baby’s bed from getting wet
  • Material: Soft plastic
  • Waterproof and washable material
  • Suits the sensitive skin of little ones
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