OMR M7 Intelli IT


Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology – Accurate results in any position around the
upper arm1
AFib Indicator – Detects the possibility of Atrial fibrillation, enabling home
monitoring of the condition2
OMRON connect app- mobile application for iPhone/Android
3x measurement function – The OMRON M7 Intelli IT takes 3 consecutive readings at 30 second intervals, then displays the average to give you a realistic indication of your morning and evening blood pressure over time
Comparison functions – The comparison mode not only compares morning and evening results, but also allows you to compare readings with previous measurements
Hypertension indicator – Indicates if result is above recommended level
Irregular heartbeat detection – The OMRON M7 Intelli IT can detect irregular
heartbeat during your usual blood pressure monitoring
Cuff Wrap Guide – The OMRON M7 Intelli IT has an indicator to let you know that your cuff is wrapped correctly
Body Movement Detection – Signals if too much movement is detected during
measurement, to avoid inaccurate readings
Memory Capacity – 2 users x 100 memories + guest mode. Your monitor can store Data for two separate users, enabling you to track individual readings and trends
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