The Alphabet – Adam & Mishmish


The Alphabets book is an accordion book that children will enjoy flipping through and opening to see the entire alphabet laid out in front of them.
The Alphabets book is linked to a song and an Augmented Reality App through QR codes at the back of the book and the Lets Go Series Set so that parents and children can enjoy interacting and singing along while flipping through the book!
The Alphabets book by Adam & Mishmish is a fun book that presents the Arabic alphabet in an interactive and creative way. The child can flip the pages like a normal book or choose to spread the book out and read the alphabets in one line.
The book is based on the Alphabet song in Season One of the popular educational cartoon entitled Adam wa Mishmish.
Through a simple scan of the QR codes at the back of the book and the “Lets Go Series”, the alphabets are brought to life through the animation and liveliness of the music, video, and augmented reality which helps connect children to the letters and encourages reading.
Alphabet books are an integral part of introducing children to reading because they:
– Teach children the shape of the letters
– Develops conversation and oral language
– Identifies the sounds the letters make
– Enriches vocabulary
– Encourage children to start reading.
The Alphabets book by Adam & Mishmish is an excellent book for parents wanting to teach their children the Arabic Alphabet with a catchy song that they will forever remember.
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